About Price

We offer products that are above the industry average. If you want a lower price or higher quality, please contact us directly, and we will provide you with a corresponding solution.

  • About size measurements: We use mean or median to calculate flower length and width, not branch extension or maximum. Most other suppliers use branch extension or max.
  • About the quality of flowers: We have strict requirements on flower materials and designs, please check our daily updates on Instagram. Even if you see similar styles or designs to our products from other suppliers, please pay attention to the following subtle differences: SIZE (length, width and height), DENSITY (quantity and type of flower material), MATERIAL (realism), DESIGN of the finished product (stability, visual harmony and innovation).
  • About the quality of the stands: Some stands look very good in pictures or videos, but please pay attention to their practicality, that is, the key information that cannot be presented in pictures or videos: STABILITY, CONVENIENCE of installation and disassembly. Most other suppliers offer stands that are very thin, bad stability, and are just visually pleasing.
  • Another important note for flowers: You may notice that in some products, there are two flowers of the same size, but there will be slight differences in the proportions in the pictures or videos. Because we may arrange the flowers in some positions relatively closely during the actual construction process, so as to maintain the visual coordination of the actual effect. All professional event planners can understand the issue easily, and we have to mention it to our customers who choose our flowers for their own events. In a word, you will receive the actual product with the size in your order, promised. In many cases, we will exceed the size you ordered. In ten years, we have never had customer feedback about cutting corners.