Order Process

1. Tell Us Your Idea

  • The products displayed in the store do not 100% match your unique ideas? Don't worry, just contact us, and we will contact you within 1 working day to get and confirm your requirements.
  • Besides it, you also can pay for the order with the product you like . We will still contact you within 1 working day after you complete the payment to confirm your desired product details.
  • About Price. Generally speaking, the price you pay for the order is all you need to pay us. If you need a substantial change in size or design, we will confirm with you whether the price needs to be increased or decreased.

2. Confirm the sample

  • After confirming your requirements, we will complete the sample design within 1-3 working days, and send you the physical sample pictures for confirmation.
  • We can make secondary or even multiple revisions according to your needs until you are satisfied.

3. Handmade the order 

  • Our manual manufacturing team will cooperate with your exclusive designer to produce your products by hand. The time varies according to the difficulty of product production, which is 7-20 working days.
  • After completing your order, we will take and send you pictures and videos related to the product.
  • Our Quality Management team will conduct a detailed inspection of your order before shipment, including but not limited to size, color, floral design, flower quality, completeness of parts, etc.

4. Delivery

  • The Shipping Team will adopt targeted packaging and shipping solutions based on your product characteristics, delivery address, and delivery time.
  • The After-sale Team will follow up on the shipping dynamics and after-sales service for your satisfaction.

5. Note

  • If you have a bad experience in the support service, please give feedback to Complaint Team, and it will take over your related matters.
  • We occasionally accept urgent orders delivered within 1 week, but this method is not recommended! It has a high possibility of being rejected by us!
  • Please leave enough time for demand confirmation, sample confirmation, finished product production, logistics and transportation. We need the participation of multiple designers in each link, and numerous inspections and audits to ensure the quality commitment, Please understand. It is recommended to keep it for at least 1 month.
  • Also, if you place an order 2 months in advance, we will provide a huge discount as we reduce the order cost by sea freight.

The last word we want to say:
Congrats on your upcoming precious moment.
And thanks for your trust in JarownWedding.